a holistic view


I am a physician specialized in holistic medicine. 
I am providing a patient centered approach. What does that mean?


I focus on you as a patient with my empathic manner. I listen to you, see you holistically as a human being an explore together with you what moves you and what your view of your health and illness is.

It is important for me to convey that in addition to the obvious physical and biological examinations, emotional and mental stress can equally trigger illness.



I see myself as a motivating physician who accompanies you on this path by providing you with medical knowledge and clear therapeutic means.
Together we develop an individual treatment plan, that may include various therapeutic approaches like acupuncture, neural therapy, manual therapy, dietary councelling, guidance in fasting, orthomolecular infusion therapy, chelate detox infusions, phytotherapy with both Chinese and European herbs, autonome response testing and psychokinesiology.


This requires a new openness and understanding towards your own development and a willingness to take personal responsibility for your own health.
How you embrace the role of your „inner doctor“ is essential. You will come to understand why self-care and self-responsibility are so important in breaking disease-promoting habits and integrating health- promoting changes into your life.
So that you can take your health back into your own hands.


I look forward meeting you
Your Dr Nike Arnstadt